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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acclaim for DON QUIXOTE Recital at Bard College and Vassar College


“Thank you so much for taking us along on a wonderful musical adventure with Don Quixote.  You sang for us a splendid Don Quixote through the music of great composers.  You sang all the songs beautifully – do not the tones of his lower register come at you like a river of maple syrup?”
                                    R. Sonnenschein

“The Don Quixote concert last evening was definitely, as Michelin says, trois étoiles, worth a special trip.”
C. Haber

“It’s such a pleasure to hear and see really creative programming; a lot of really scholarly work went into that, and I genuinely appreciated it.  The costumes added just the right note to the drama of it all; the Massenet was a lovely discovery, and I was fascinated by the Ibert and the Korngold pieces.  Your pianist is terrific, and you, sir, have a gorgeous instrument!”
J. Marsten

“…loving and heartfelt thanks for all the work that you did in putting your Don Quixote concert was wonderful, creative and beautifully are amazing.”
R. Shattuck